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10 Moving Tips When You're Moving Your Office

Office moving or corporate moving can be very stressful it is important for people to be armed with moving tips when you are moving your office. These tips are guidelines that corporations give employees – these should be followed until the end to avoid problems during the moving day or when unpacking.

Planning is crucial when moving your office. This is because the less time that is spent in the office moving process, the more the money that the company can save. Planning should be done months before the actual moving day to avoid confusion and leaving some things behind.

Familiarize yourself with the new location
Those moving should familiarize themselves with the new location to avoid nasty shocks during the actual moving day. The office space, the way to move in the furniture, the facilities available and other things will be looked at on the initial visit. This way, it is possible to have some rectifications if any is needed, it is possible to change the office if, for example, it is impossible to move in the furniture, it is possible to get moving equipment if the furniture has to be moved in through the window, etc.

There is need for a lot of research, not only on the new location, but also on such things as the moving companies, the storage spaces, etc. This research should be done as the planning is done and it can be done online or offline.
Creation and distribution of a floor plan

A floor plan for the new location should be created and distributed to all members of staff before the office moving. This way, the staff will be able to know where everything will go, as will the movers and all other parties.

Appointment of supervisors
The moving company should choose from among its staff people to supervise the office moving. These people will be responsible for the planning, selecting the movers, executing the actual move, and following up on the move. This way, there will be no confusion and there will be people knowledgeable enough to handle insurance claims and any other eventualities.

Communicate to interested parties
Communication to clients, debtors, creditors and other interested parties is important to avoid legal challenges and to enable continuity. Failure to indicate the intention to move means the company will start from scratch.

Rented equipment
If some things such as furniture and cars are rentals, the rental company should be notified and the contract cancelled.

Mark things that are not moving
Staff such as furniture that is not being moved should be clearly labeled so that the movers can identity them. There should be a clear label indicating ‘do not move’ and they should be kept away to avoid obstructing the movers.

Eliminate all garbage

Even small office spaces accumulate a lot of garbage and papers that are not important. The garbage should be taken out and all the papers should be shredded. This way, the office is able to get a fresh start with the office moving.

Disconnect all utilities
Management should ask utility providers for water, electricity, cable, gas, garbage collection services and other utilities to disconnect and give back the deposit.